Namibian DTT coverage at 70%

19 May 2015

The percentage of Namibia’s population covered by a digital terrestrial television (DTT) signal currently stands at 70%, the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) announced this week. The figure is above the Southern African Development Community (SADC) target of 67% coverage by mid-June 2015, the Namibia Economist reported. Albertus Aochamub, Director General of the NBC, said that progress has exceeded ‘best estimates’, adding that Namibia is ‘among the top four countries in southern Africa’ to have embarked on the Analogue Switch Off (ASO) programme. The national broadcaster recently completed its fourth phase of ASO with the fifth phase to be completed at the end of this month. 46.9% of the population now receive only the digital signal, with this figure set to rise to 60.7% by July. More than 50,000 DTT decoders have been acquired by NBC viewers at a subsidised price so far.