Macedonia’s AEC consults on NGN networks

18 May 2015

Macedonia’s Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC) has opened a public consultation on a draft report – dubbed ‘Project Madrid’ – which aims to ‘define measures for encouraging the competition development in the electronic communication services markets in the Republic of Macedonia and encouraging investments in next generation networks (NGN), such as fibre-to-the-home (FTTH), 4G mobile and DOCSIS3.0 networks.’ Some of the proposed measures outlined in the report include: stimulating operators to mutualise their mobile network infrastructure, particularly in low-density areas; allocating spectrum in the 2600MHz frequency band to mobile operators; imposing a 100% coverage obligation for Long Term Evolution (LTE) services; allowing operators to re-use ducts and poles owned by non-telecoms entities; and mandating access to high-speed fixed broadband networks at sustainable prices. The regulator has invited all interested parties to submit their comments by 12 June 2015.

North Macedonia, Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK)