Vivacom fined BGN3.7m for abusing dominant position

15 May 2015

Bulgaria’s Commission on Protection of Competition (CPC) has imposed a fine amounting to BGN3.75 million (USD2.18 million) on telecoms operator Vivacom (registered as Bulgarian Telecommunications Company [BTC]) for abusing its dominant position, with Decision No.399 of 12 May 2015. The antitrust regulator disclosed that fixed line operator Eastern Telecommunications Company (ITC) accused BTC of abusing its dominant position by terminating an interconnection agreement between the two companies and imposing a contractual clause which aimed to only amend the relationship with ITC, thus putting ITC at a disadvantage to its competitors. The CPC pointed out that an analysis has shown that BTC had acted differently in similar cases and that BTC’s decision to amend the interconnection agreement was dictated by its dominant market position.

Bulgaria, Vivacom (BTC)