Data use soaring in New Zealand

13 May 2015

Spark (formerly Telecom New Zealand) has released figures showing that average monthly data use per household rose by almost a third in the three months to April 2015. The average New Zealand house used 55GB of data in April 2015, the telco said, up from 42.5GB in February. The firm says that growth is now accelerating, with recent annual increases of around 50% set to be surpassed this year. Spark’s Chief Executive of Home, Mobile & Business, Chris Quin, commented: ‘New Zealand consumers are embracing a digital lifestyle like never before. We’ve believed for several years that the video streaming revolution was coming, and now the proof is here with spectacular growth this year.’ He added: ‘Overall internet traffic volumes on the Spark network alone has grown a record 26% in the last three months to the end of March, with initial April estimates looking even higher, and we know that other industry players are seeing similar trends, both here and overseas.’ Quin says that Spark is upgrading its own infrastructure and working with wholesale partners such as Chorus to help meet the rising demand for data.

New Zealand, Spark