EC adopts decision on 1452-1492MHz band

11 May 2015

On 8 May 2015 the European Commission adopted a decision to open up the 1452-1492MHz frequency band for wireless broadband under harmonised technical conditions, while ensuring the protection of existing usage of the band for terrestrial digital audio broadcasting (T-DAB). Under the decision Member States should make the spectrum available within six months.

The EC press release adds that the 1452-1492MHz band could be used for advanced mobile services such as audiovisual streaming or high speed downloads. The decision introduces technical conditions for wireless broadband use as downlink-only (i.e. unidirectional transmission from the network base stations to mobile terminals) to enable supplemental downlinks (SDL) in the 1452-1492MHz band to be used in conjunction with the aggregation of several frequency bands for their simultaneous use by operators of 4G LTE networks. In particular this could provide benefits to users regarding the consumption of on-demand and live streaming audio-visual content to smart phones and tablets.

The latest 40MHz range cleared by the EC for wireless broadband usage means that a total 1030MHz is now available under harmonised technical conditions, nearing a 2015 target of 1200MHz set in the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (Decision 243/2012/EU).