Airtel Ghana, VeriFone partner to speed up mobile money transactions

11 May 2015

Indian-backed Airtel Ghana and American technology vendor VeriFone have teamed up to introduce new contactless near field communication (NFC) technology to users of Airtel’s mobile money service, in a move that will increase the speed with which transactions take place. According to reports from Business Ghana, point-of-sale (POS) outlets will be provided with NFC terminals, allowing customers with compatible handsets to effect contactless mobile wallet payments; meanwhile, subscribers without NFC-enabled devices will receive a sticker authorising contactless transactions. Lucy Quist, managing director of Airtel Ghana, commented: ‘This is a more efficient mode of payment as it reduces the number of steps customers have to go through to make a mobile money payment … The use of this new technology will further deepen the growing acceptance of cashless payments in Ghana.’

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