Numericable-SFR, Altice acquire Vivendi stake

8 May 2015

Altice Group and Numericable-SFR Group have announced that they have acquired Vivendi’s 20% stake in Numericable-SFR, for a price of EUR40 (USD44.8) per share. Following the approval of the buyback programme at the Numericable-SFR shareholders’ meeting held on 28 April 2015, Numericable-SFR has acquired half of the stake (i.e. 10%) of the stake for EUR1.948 billion, while Altice France (a subsidiary of Altice Group) took ownership of the remainder. Numericable-SFR’s Board of directors meanwhile decided that the entirety of the repurchased shares should be cancelled. As a result of the transaction, the shareholders’ agreement and the call options agreements between Altice and Vivendi have been terminated and the two Vivendi’s representatives have resigned from their posts. Altice France now holds, directly and indirectly, approximately 70.4% of the share capital and voting rights of Numericable-SFR (78% excluding treasury shares held by Numericable-SFR).

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