Entel outlines USD2.1bn investment plan

30 Apr 2015

Chilean telecoms group Entel has announced plans to invest USD2.1 billion in 2015-2017, Diario Financiero writes. USD1.45 billion will be spent in its domestic market, focusing on the expansion of its fibre access network (FTTx), improving fixed broadband services as well as connectivity projects and data centres. Commenting on the company’s other plans for its Chilean business, CEO Antonio Buchi was quoted as saying: ‘In the rest of the segments, our strategy is to maintain market share and deepen customer service channels and network development, to continue giving a great experience to our customers.’ As such, the official added, Entel also expects to expand and improve its 3G network over the three-year period, whilst the deployment of its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network will also continue.

Elsewhere, Entel has lined up USD650 million to strengthen the technological capabilities of its infrastructure in Peru, with a view to improving coverage and quality of service (QoS). According to Mr Buchi, Entel Peru has claimed 39% of the net new contract users and 33% of new pre-paid subscriptions since the relaunch of the cellco under its new Entel Peru moniker in October 2014.

Entel’s investment in 2015 would consist of USD240 million in Peru and USD440 million in Chile, the official explained, with around 70% of its domestic spending to be funnelled into its mobile business.

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