KPN to boost coverage in sparsely populated areas

29 Apr 2015

Dutch telecoms giant KPN has announced that it is set to boost its network coverage in a number of the country’s less-populated areas. Noting that it has previously focused on deploying services in settlements of 1,500 or more inhabitants, the operator will now target coverage upgrades in provinces such as Overijssel, Gelderland, Drenthe and Limburg in the eastern half of the Netherlands, as well as North Holland and North Brabant, where the population density is far lower. As such, KPN expects hundreds of bottleneck issues to be improved over the next three years via its increased deployment of base transceiver stations (BTS).

Jacob Groote, CEO at KPN Mobile, commented on the planned improvements: ‘As a major national player in the field of telecommunications, we feel a special responsibility.’

Netherlands, KPN