Niel swaps citrus for Salt as Orange starts rebranding programme

24 Apr 2015

Orange Switzerland has begun re-branding to its new moniker ‘Salt’, following its acquisition by French billionaire Xavier Niel in February this year. The cellco’s name has officially been changed but the operator is closing down its 207 retail outlets for 72 hours to refit and transition to the new brand, whilst its website will also be taken offline over the weekend to be reworked. To coincide with the name-change, the operator has unveiled a new marketing strategy including a raft of new tariff bundles. The company explained its new, simplified and device-oriented direction in a statement, saying: ‘We estimate that, five years from now, Switzerland will have more than 50 million connected devices, most of them through another mobile revolution. The demands of this mobile lifestyle mean we need a reliable network. No fuss. We want to get rid of complicated tariffs and rules.’

The new services on offer include a range of ‘Salt Packs’, which include a service plan as well as a mobile handset, a tablet and another device – wireless speakers, headphones and a laptop were shown in the examples – for a flat monthly rate. The three plans shown had 24-month lock-in periods and were priced at CHF59-CHF159 (USD61.2-USD164.8) per month and included equipment worth up to CHF1,597. Also showcased were ‘Pass’ plans – where a customer pays a one-off fee for unlimited use for the year – and options for a Wi-Fi calling service.

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