Unregistered SIM usage to end six months after latest decree is implemented

22 Apr 2015

The State Service of Special Communication & Information Protection of Ukraine (DSTSZI) – the central executive power responsible for state control of the ICT sector – has published a draft Cabinet decree ‘On Amendments to the rules of giving and receiving telecommunications services’, which mandates that all pre- and post-paid mobile services may only be provided under some form of contract between a registered user and an operator, meaning that all customers’ identities and other details must be logged by the operator, putting an end to anonymous usage of SIM cards. The decision will come into force six months after the date of its adoption. BizLiga reports that mobile operators may only issue SIM cards if in receipt of identification such as a passport, and must bring their entire subscriber bases in line with the new rules during the six-month timeframe.

The rules were originally included in the Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on behalf of the state’s Special Connection Service (SCS) under the guidance of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine (and Minister of Culture) Vyacheslav Kirilenko on 23 December 2014. The motivation for implementing the SIM registration measures included counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence efforts against rebel forces in the east of Ukraine, plus increasing the general effectiveness of law enforcement in investigation and prosecution activities, while tackling mobile-based fraud.