Cablevision ramping up triple-play efforts this year

22 Apr 2015

Argentinian cable TV and broadband provider Grupo Clarin, operator of the Cablevision brand, plans to ramp up the marketing of triple-play fixed voice telephony, internet and pay-TV bundles in the second half of this year ahead of an expanded network-wide launch of the integrated packages by early 2016, Signals Telecom reports. Fixed voice services are currently only offered to a limited section of Cablevision’s customer base, as while it has the technology in place to provide triple-play, it lacks sufficient telephone numbering resources on a national basis. According to the report, voice services – already being offered to Cablevision-FiberTel users residing in areas for which phone numbers are available – will be introduced in other regions in phases.

Having been stripped of the right to offer triple-play services in 2009 in a reverse regulatory decision issued just days after receiving phone number allocations for various cities, the cable group finally gained permission for voice launches via new telecoms legislation passed last year.

Argentina, Cablevision (FiberTel), Grupo Clarin