Biznet Networks to invest USD70m in Wi-Fi

20 Apr 2015

Indonesian broadband services provider Biznet Networks (including max3 Internet) is spending USD70 million to build out a new ‘BizNet Wifi’ service, which it says will deliver internet access connectivity of up to 100Mbps, specifically for smartphone and tablet users. The operator’s vice president of marketing, Yudie Haryanto, said that it has signed up 70,000 Biznet Wifi users since it launched the new service in February this year, and is targeting around 750,000 subscribers by year-end, rising to two million by the end of 2016. Biznet says it has deployed a number of hotspots to drive take-up, in particular in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, offices, universities and other busy centres in Jakarta and Bali. Going forward, Biznet intends to expand the coverage of the new Wi-Fi service to Bandung, Java, Sumatra and other cities in East Indonesia. Biznet presided over a domestic fibre-optic network that spanned 6,000km in 2014, with plans to extend it to 10,000km in the near future.

Indonesia, Biznet Networks