Our Telekom now live on O3b’s network

17 Apr 2015

Channel Islands-based satellite broadband provider O3b Networks has announced that Solomon Telekom Company Limited (Our Telekom) is now live on its network, making it the eleventh market in the Pacific region to deploy the satellite operator’s service. In a press release O3b Networks confirmed that Our Telekom is now deploying O3b as its backhaul provider from the Solomon Islands to the internet as it rolls out high speed, low latency internet services to the capital city, Honiara. The telco has installed a new ground station for O3b medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite service at Henderson, delivering a latency of less than 150msec – equivalent to a fibre connection – leading to the O3b solution being dubbed ‘Fiber from the Sky’ by users around the world.

Solomon Islands, O3b Networks (part of SES), Solomon Telekom (Our Telekom)