Lattelecom launches rural VDSL rollout programme

17 Apr 2015

Lattelecom has launched a network upgrade programme aimed at boosting internet connection speeds for around 180,000 customers, particularly those outside of urban centres, by up to ten times by the end of the year. The telco is deploying a VDSL vectoring solution in areas where it has been unable to roll out direct fibre (fibre-to-the-home/building [FTTH/B]) access, providing users with maximum theoretical downlink speeds of 60Mbps.

Lattelecom CEO Juris Gulbis commented on the project: ‘Although Latvia is the European leader when it comes to fibre-optic networks, and optical internet connections are available to more than a half of the country’s households, we want to provide equal technology opportunities to all our residents, regardless of where they live. Latvia’s future is related to the availability of technology to its people, and this is a platform of the information age, which will allow to improve the quality of life by offering more flexible working conditions and various forms of doing business, as well as access to various media, like interactive television and the features it provides.’

To-date the operator has upgraded 117 copper cable service nodes, boosting access speeds for some 14,000 Lattelecom subscribers.

Latvia, Tet (Lattelecom Group)