Victoria Falls gets FTTH services from Liquid and ZOL

15 Apr 2015

Liquid Telecom has announced the expansion of its 100Mbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service to a second city in Zimbabwe. Having already introduced the ‘Fibronics’ offering to parts of the capital Harare via its internet service provider (ISP) division ZOL Zimbabwe, Liquid now says that ZOL is to roll out the service for homes and businesses in Victoria Falls. The offering comes bundled with a voice connection. Liquid Telecom’s CEO Nic Rudnick said: ‘This is an exciting day for the people of Victoria Falls. Fibroniks is what we refer to as ‘The Real Internet’, a sophisticated superfast service which transforms how people access and share information. A Fibroniks connection provides endless possibilities for everyone using it and will revolutionise how homes and businesses are connected to the rest of the world.’