MTC delays spectrum handover

15 Apr 2015

Spanish-backed cellco Movistar has agreed to sell a quarter of its spectrum holding in the AWS (1700MHz/2100MHz) frequency band to rival wireless provider Claro, but has been prevented from completing the transaction by the nation’s regulatory authorities, El Comercio writes. Movistar was awarded the right to use 2×20MHz of 4G spectrum at 1710MHz-1730MHz/2110MHz-2130MHz in July 2013, but has agreed to offload 10MHz of its spectrum holding to Claro, which failed to secure any 4G spectrum at the auction, having lost out to a bid from Chilean-owned cellco Entel. According to Claro’s legal director, Juan Rivadeneira, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has had more than seven months to address the issue but has yet to authorise the handover. The official added that it had also approached Entel and Vietnamese-backed Bitel regarding a spectrum purchase, but had been rejected.