Cellcom Liberia launches 50% discount campaign

15 Apr 2015

Monrovia-based newspaper The Inquirer reports that domestic mobile operator Cellcom Liberia is launching a new discount offer, promising to bring ‘major financial relief’ to mobile users across the country. Cellcom’s campaign foregrounds the plan to offer subscribers off-net voice call rates at a 50% discount to other GSM networks, by simply dialling a short code to activate the service. The offer lasts for an initial five days, it says, but can be extended for additional five-day periods by redialling the same number.

Cellcom’s chief corporate communications strategist Dr Kimmie Weeks says that his company has built its market position and reputation ‘on being able to listen to the concern and needs of the Liberian people, and as a result the company is constantly working on programs to address the concerns of consumers’. The new half-price campaign offering is, he said, intended to encourage Liberians to stop switching phones when they have to make a call to other mobile operators. It will also benefit the business community by helping them reduce their operating costs, he added.

Cellcom Liberia is owned by YCF Group, a private international investment firm based in Washington, DC. The company was previously owned by Cellcom Liberia Enterprises, which was headquartered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). It has a sister operation in Guinea.

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