Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative connects to FL-IX

14 Apr 2015

Puerto Rico’s Critical Hub Networks has announced that Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative (PRBI) has interconnected with the Florida Internet Exchange (FL-IX). PRBI’s new 10Gbps connection to FL-IX adds additional direct connectivity for Puerto Rico broadband users to many core content and network providers. Currently, Critical Hub’s network peers with over 100 content and network providers, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix, Twitch, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, GTT, Verisign, GoDaddy, Akamai and Microsoft.

In April 2010 Critical Hub was awarded USD25.7 million in Recovery Act (ARRA) funds through the US Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for the PRBI project, a key component of which was the establishment of Puerto Rico’s first Internet Exchange Point (IXP), which facilitates direct peering and interconnection between the island’s broadband networks and with major network operators and content providers. Carlo Marazzi, president of Critical Hub Networks, said: ‘PRBI’s goal is the establishment of local peering between all broadband providers – including traditional wired broadband, fixed wireless and mobile broadband services. As Puerto Rico’s broadband networks upgrade to be able to deliver faster speeds, local peering becomes essential.’ Marazzi noted that in addition to the interconnection at the FL-IX, PRBI also maintains interconnectivity with content and network providers in the PRBI IXP in San Juan and in PRBI’s Hub at the NAP of the Americas in Miami, Florida.

Critical Hub Networks offers retail, corporate and wholesale internet services, including Optico Fiber – Puerto Rico’s first Gigabit broadband service launched in June 2014 – having operated as Caribe.Net, Puerto Rico’s first ISP, since 1994.