INT extends 4G consultation

1 Apr 2015

Sector watchdog the National Telecommunications Commission (INT) has postponed the deadline for contributions on its public consultation regarding the introduction of 4G in Tunisia from 3 April to 15 April. The regulator opened the consultation process on 18 March, inviting comments on a range of issues relating to the introduction of 4G, including the preferred frequency bands and how much spectrum would be required, as well as the possibility of sharing network elements. The regulator has also raised the possibility of introducing a fourth player into the market.

INT highlighted seven potential frequency bands as usable for 4G, but acknowledged that two of the best candidates, the 1800MHz and 800MHz ranges, are currently being used for GSM and analogue TV services, respectively. 800MHz frequencies are expected to become available for refarming from 30 June 2015, however, when the country is due to complete the transition from analogue to digital TV. The other spectrum bands identified by the watchdog as usable for 4G services were 450MHz, 1700MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz, 2500MHz and 3400MHz-3600MHz.