Drillisch absorbs eteleon, MS Mobile Services

1 Apr 2015

German mobile service provider Drillisch is absorbing its wholly owned subsidiaries eteleon and MS Mobile Services, according to a report by teltarif.de. A spokesperson from Drillisch is quoted as saying that the various brands and tariff rates of eteleon and MS Mobile Services will not be changed by the merger, which is expected to be completed today (1 April). MS Mobile Services operates under the brands maXXim and smartmobil.de, while eteleon’s own brands include DeutschlandSIM, discoTEL, discoPLUS, discoSURF, eteleon, fastSIM, fiotel, winSIM, PremiumSIM, M2M-mobil and sim.de.

Germany, 1&1 (formerly 1&1 Drillisch)