AKEP awards 1800MHz licences, lines up 900MHz, 1900MHz/2100MHz tenders

26 Mar 2015

Albanian telecoms regulator the Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (AKEP) has approved the allocation of 1800MHz licences to Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC), Vodafone Albania and Albtelecom/Eagle, for the provision of GSM/UMTS/Long Term Evolution (LTE)/WiMAX services. Each of the trio was granted access to 2×6MHz of spectrum. AMC paid EUR4.513 million (USD4.941 million) for its concession whilst Albtelecom entered a bid of EUR4.500 million and Vodafone EUR3.400 million.

In a related development, AKEP has opened a tender for 900MHz spectrum for GSM services. Four blocks of spectrum are on offer, each consisting of 2MHz of spectrum, with a minimum bid of EUR200,000 per block. Prospective bidders have until 8 April 2015 to submit their offers.

The watchdog has also initiated a public consultation on the potential use of spectrum in the 1900MHz-1980MHz/2110MHz-2170MHz range for mobile services. AKEP is considering allocating two licences, one of 2×10MHz (1970MHz-1980MHz/2160MHz-2170MHz) and one lot of 5MHz (1915MHz-1920MHz) and is inviting opinions of the public and industry stakeholders.