NATCOM fines AFcom for bypassing the international gateway

23 Mar 2015

Sierra Leonean internet Service Provider (ISP) AFcom has been fined USD220,000 for illegally terminating international calls and thus bypassing the country’s international gateway, local newspaper Global Times reports. Following an investigation into SIM box fraud, the police reportedly raided a company’s depot at the Bamoi Hotel, located in Freetown’s upscale neighbourhood of Aberdeen, and seized equipment allegedly used by the company to illegally terminate international calls. Momoh Konte, chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), said in an interview with the local media: ‘We have to end this culture of impunity … Those defrauding the state of much-needed revenue are nothing but enemies of the state… They must be prosecuted for undermining the country’s fragile economy.’ A spokesman for NATCOM also said that other companies and private individuals involved in SIM box fraud will be named by the telecoms regulator in the coming weeks.