Zimbabwe government promoting infrastructure sharing

19 Mar 2015

The government of Zimbabwe is looking to create a standalone entity to take control of the country’s telecoms infrastructure, leaving operators free to concentrate on service provision. According to a report from The Herald, the Deputy Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Dr Win Mlambo, told a conference: ‘As Government we want to see one independent company setting up infrastructure for the telecoms companies so that this whole dispute of who owns which infrastructure is solved. So that is the route that Government has taken and we will sit down with the players to agree on certain terms.’ The announcement was welcomed by at least one of the country’s telcos, with Reward Kangai, CEO of state-backed cellular operator NetOne, saying that it would promote competition on the level of service provided and thus benefit the consumer.

Meanwhile, state-owned fixed line operator TelOne is pushing ahead with its own network deployment, saying that it is beginning work on an ADSL expansion, with USD2 million set aside for the infrastructure rollout. Details of the new broadband locations were not disclosed.