Liquid Telecom connects Nakuru County to free public Wi-Fi

18 Mar 2015

Liquid Telecom Kenya has announced the launch of a free public Wi-Fi network for residents of Nakuru County in partnership with the local government. The high capacity Wi-Fi network is built around strategic points accessed by the highest proportions of the town’s population, covering a 10km radius from the central business district (CBD), and has a capacity of 1Gbps. With 51 nodes installed, the network will serve users in the streets and open public areas such as stadia and parks. ‘Free Wi-Fi is a facility that is gaining traction globally. We believe it is right Africa should be at this same frontier of technology and business model,’ noted Liquid Telecom Kenya CEO Ben Roberts, adding: ‘This is also vital in achieving Liquid Telecom’s vision of Internet access for all of Africa, which we see as a core driver of economic take-off and success for the continent.’ The first phase of the free Wi-Fi project covers the county’s Kenyatta Street, Marikiti Market, the main bus terminus at the CBD, Afraha Stadium, the county headquarters and the Westside Mall. Liquid, which has so far invested USD400,000 in the project, says that the second phase will cover more streets, as well as the towns of Naivasha and Gilgil, and Egerton University in Njoro.

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