Kyivstar 3G roaming customers total just 25,000

17 Mar 2015

Ukraine’s largest mobile operator by subscribers Kyivstar – which is in the process of rolling out a 3G W-CDMA/HSPA+ network following the country’s recent UMTS licence awards – has disclosed in a website release that its existing 3G W-CDMA/HSDPA roaming-based mobile data service introduced in 2008 has a total user base of just 25,000. Kyivstar adds that customers of the 7.2Mbps-capable 3G resale service – offered via a reciprocal network access agreement with Ukrtelecom (TriMob) – use on average more than 700MB of data each month via modems and tablets; per year customers generate a total of more than 120TB of traffic.

With rival MTS Ukraine having also recently launched roaming-based 3G HSDPA services ahead of its own upcoming HSPA+ network launch, the country’s third-largest cellco Astelit (life)) is also highlighting its ongoing HSPA+ network rollout by launching a dedicated website to inform customers and potential users about the 3G rollout progress across Ukraine’s regions, while providing an online feedback centre for enquiries on the forthcoming life:) 3G service.