DNA conducting LTE-A trials with Omnitele

17 Mar 2015

Finnish multi-service operator DNA Finland is reportedly carrying out trials of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology in partnership with local technology vendor Omnitele, the latter has confirmed in a press release. According to Omnitele, LTE-A is being tested in a ‘small cluster’ of DNA’s commercial 4G network at ‘isolated locations’. With tests having been conducted over the cellco’s live infrastructure, rather than in laboratory conditions, it was noted that the average bitrate over a short drive test run was 207Mbps, with the highest downstream speeds recorded being 270Mbps.

Commenting on the plans for a commercial deployment of LTE-A, DNA’s director of radio networks Jarkko Laari was cited as saying: ‘We will rollout LTE-A carrier aggregation with capacity based prioritisation, starting from locations with higher LTE usage. Eventually the technology will cover most of the population.’

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