Vodafone Fiji forecasting live 5G service in 2020

16 Mar 2015

According to Vodafone Fiji CEO Pradeep Lal, the company intends to introduce a commercial 5G mobile service in the country in 2020. In an interview with The Fiji Times, Mr Lal said the cellco had invested more than FJD600 million (USD290 million) since it launched about 20 years ago, including FJD200 million in the network transformation project and upgrades initiated in 2012. Today, the company offers a full internet protocol (IP)-based network he said, adding that ‘Vodafone will continue to upgrade key elements in the network to meet continuing demand for data and faster broadband speeds’. The chief executive confirmed that a significant capital expenditure has been approved for 2015 to maintain broadband data speeds and to add more capacity to the network. Having rolled out a live 4G service in 2013, 5G is now expected to be a commercial reality within ‘five years’, Lal said. Vodafone currently has 784,000 mobile subscribers on its network, including voice and data connections, with Lal saying the current infrastructure is robust enough to accommodate additional customers in future.

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