Warid renews Ericsson managed services deal

13 Mar 2015

UAE-backed cellco Warid Telecom has renewed its managed services agreement with Ericsson for three more years. The partnership now extends to enhanced network performance, field service efficiency and first and second line support, the provider confirmed in a press release.

Warid Telecom chairman Adeel Bajwa commented on the pact, saying: ‘Given our ten year long history with Ericsson, the company is well placed to understand Warid’s needs and growth requirements. Warid successfully launched its Long Term Evolution (LTE) services commercially in Pakistan end of last year and continued to provide high quality telecom services to the customers enabled by spectrum re-farming with Ericsson … As our technology partner, Ericsson is also working to expand our network coverage and capacity for both GSM and LTE services nationwide which will help us achieve our goal.’

Pakistan, Ericsson, Warid Telecom (Jazz)