New regulatory body Arcotel now operating under reformed Telecoms Act

9 Mar 2015

Ecuador’s new Agency for Regulation & Control of Telecommunications (Arcotel) has been formed, following last month’s passing of the new Telecommunications Act by the National Assembly. Arcotel, an institution integrating the functions of management, regulation and control of telecommunications and radio spectrum, was established by combing functions of existing regulatory bodies Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Supertel), Secretaría Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Senatel) and Consejo Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel), reports Telesemana. The new authority will regulate the sector in conjunction with the Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Society. In Arcotel’s first working session Ana Proano De La Torre (previously Secretary of Telecommunications) was appointed Executive Director of the Agency, who according to the text of the Telecommunications Act, will be solely responsible for authorising changes in ownership of the shares of telecoms service providers and ‘agreements or contracts that affect the operation or actual control over the company or the process of decision making’, among other functions.

Ecuador, Agency for Regulation & Control of Telecoms (ARCOTEL)