UQ, Ericsson double data speeds with 4X4 MIMO technology

2 Mar 2015

Ericsson of Sweden has announced the successful implementation of commercial 4X4 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) – a carrier aggregation (CA) technology – for Japanese WiMAX operator UQ Communications, allowing it to double maximum data speeds using no additional spectrum. The wireless operator plans to extend 4X4 MIMO across its WiMAX 2+ network to deliver even faster data speeds for subscribers. UQ notes that WiMAX 2+ is compatible with Time Division Duplexing Long Term Evolution (TDD-LTE) and supports speeds of up to 220Mbps with just 20MHz of spectrum. The WiMAX operator will begin selling 220Mbps, 4X4 MIMO-capable commercial devices this month.

Japan, Ericsson, UQ Communications