Nokia, DOCOMO demo 2Gbps 5G using mmWave technology

2 Mar 2015

NTT DOCOMO has teamed up with Nokia Networks to demonstrate the latter’s mmWave technology, operating in the 70GHz spectrum band, underlining the Japanese cellco’s commitment to launch 5G commercially by 2020. The indoor trial reportedly achieved download speeds of over 2Gbps using the ultra-high frequency band, with the pair now saying they intend to carry out an outdoor trial later this year. DOCOMO chief technical officer Seizo Onoe said: ‘Utilising higher frequency bands including ‘millimetre wave’ [mmWave] is key to deliver[ing] extremely high performance in 5G. We believe that high-frequency spectrum shall be used not just for small cells as a means to complement the existing network, but also for building solid area coverage through coordination with existing lower frequency bands. The success of this indoor trial with Nokia Networks using the 70GHz band marks an important step forward in our 5G vision for 2020.’