Orange to shut down CDMA network by end-March

27 Feb 2015

Telkom Kenya, which operates under the Orange brand, has announced that it is closing down its CDMA mobile network, after carrying out a review of the future of the technology in the global market. The company’s CEO Vincent Lobry said that the switchover from CDMA to GSM should be complete by the end of Q1 2015. ‘CDMA technology is no longer able to favourably compete with 3G and LTE, its evolving GSM component,’ the executive said, adding: ‘CDMA is fast becoming obsolete around the world and the maintenance of the same will not be a simple affair for any telco in the mid and long term. This switchover will allow us to focus our strategic effort on the advancement of GSM technology in this market.’ A company press release adds that the decision was arrived at after a thorough review of the firm’s products and solutions, as well as the infrastructure that supports the Orange network, with the long term view of ensuring viability and further improving the quality of service to its customers.

Orange will swap the CDMA infrastructure with its GSM network in areas where CDMA was the only available option, as it continues to expand its 3G network across the country. To this end, an additional 41 towns and urban centres will be covered by the end of March. The firm states that customers are able to migrate their CDMA numbers onto a GSM SIM card.

Kenya, Telkom Kenya