Internal affairs: leaked Sprint documents reveal 9,000 site LTE rollout

26 Feb 2015

US wireless giant Sprint Corp is poised to unveil a large-scale 4G network rollout, which will encompass 9,000 new sites nationwide. According to internal documents leaked to dedicated Sprint blog site S4GRU, the deployment will seek to ‘expand coverage into new markets, add critical rural coverage where high roaming occurs, capture lost coverage from the shutdown of the old Nextel iDEN network, extend coverage to new suburban areas, and densify the network within existing coverage.’

The 9,000 sites will be broken down as follows: 1,100 decommissioned iDEN sites converted for CDMA/Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage; 1,600 sites targeting high roaming areas; 800 new dual-band sites in new suburban areas with projected population growth; 500 new tri-band sites in urban and suburban areas to infill coverage; and 5,000 new urban and suburban Time Division-LTE (TD-LTE) ‘Sprint Spark’ sites.

In addition, Sprint also has two existing projects already underway, which are targeting specific regions. In Missouri and Central Illinois, Sprint is working on Project Ocean, which involves adding more than 100 former US Cellular sites. Meanwhile, Sprint is also embarking on Project Cedar in Montana, which will encompass the deployment of 230 sites and leverage the defunct network assets purchased from Chinook Wireless back in August of 2014.

United States, Sprint Corporation (now part of T-Mobile US)