It mast be bad: TRA to force operators to share cell sites?

24 Feb 2015

New government regulations could force Bahraini telecoms operators to share mobile masts, the Gulf Daily News reports, citing comments by Kamal Ahmed, Bahrain’s Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, at a press conference yesterday. Discussing the issue of unauthorised cell site deployments, Ahmed said: ‘There are still problems with illegal masts that are being set up without required approvals, and in wrong locations … the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is working [to] resolve all pending issues related to violations, but there has to be commitment from operators to abide by regulations.’ The minister added that the government will take ‘organisational, environmental and technical’ factors into consideration with regard to authorising future mast installations, saying: ‘We are planning to force operators to share masts as we enforce regulatory regulations in a bid to tackle location shortages and accessibility.’