Benin gets USD69m Chinese funding for broadband programme

24 Feb 2015

China’s government has issued the Republic of Benin with XOF40 billion (USD69.2 million) in a preferential-rate loan to fund a telecommunication infrastructure project following an agreement yesterday, the Xinhua news agency reported. The funding agreement for the project aiming to raise broadband availability was signed by China’s Ambassador to Benin, Diao Mingsheng, and Benin’s Minister of Foreign Affairs & African Integration Nassirou Arifari Bako. ‘We have come to realise that the government of Benin attaches great importance to the construction of telecommunication infrastructure and we wish that this project would allow those not connected to the Internet access to broadband,’ said the ambassador. For his part, Mr Bako said China had once more demonstrated through this agreement its will to resolutely assist Benin’s development efforts.