O2 Czech Republic’s Budnik rates demerger plan at 50:50

18 Feb 2015

The chief executive officer of fixed and mobile operator O2 Czech Republic, Tomas Budnik, has reportedly rated the chances of his company hiving off its infrastructure business into a new independent unit that will then be able to act as a wholesaler for other service providers in the local market as at best ’50:50’. According to Budnik, speaking in an interview with Hospodarske Noviny as relayed by Mobile World Live, the announcement marks a significant shift, given that previously a demerger seemed almost certain.

As reported by TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in January this year the Czech incumbent decided to hive off its fixed and mobile infrastructure operations, and confirmed it was taking ‘formal steps leading to such separation’. It was August 2014 when rumours first emerged that O2 CR majority shareholder PPF Group was considering plans to split O2 Czech Republic into two parts. Under the plan, PPF said it would hive off the telco’s fixed line and infrastructure business into one entity, while setting up a separate business covering its mobile and other services.

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