Blink and you'll miss it: high speed LTE going national, accompanied by TV anywhere

13 Feb 2015

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) has revealed that its ‘Blink’/‘bmobile’-branded 4G LTE mobile and fixed-wireless high speed data services will soon be launched commercially across both main islands, having been introduced at every existing tower location on the smaller island of Tobago in December. Simultaneously, TSTT is preparing to launch a ‘TV anywhere’ version of its Blink Entertainment IPTV service to offer mobile TV access to streaming channels on any device with an internet connection including Android or iOS devices.

In a YouTube promotional video released on 11 February TSTT showed how it is replacing its legacy WiMAX wireless broadband equipment with 4G LTE technology by swapping antennas and replacing them with LTE equipment on the towers. Having so far deployed LTE at over 400 existing and new sites in Trinidad and Tobago (including all of its towers on the latter island), the company is aiming for 95% broadband population coverage with its Blink and bmobile services. It is initially using the 2600MHz frequency band, pending additional spectrum availability including the expected issuing of 700MHz licences, TeleGeography notes. Meanwhile, TSTT is introducing its over-the-top (OTT) mobile TV option via the addition of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS) technology to the Blink Entertainment IPTV platform. Local newspaper the Guardian adds that TSTT piloted the ABS system in the Blink Entertainment TV+ and LTE wireless broadband launch in Tobago last December.

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