BTC anticipates revenue, profitability headwinds from mobile liberalisation

12 Feb 2015

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is expecting to see a 20% fall in revenue over the next four years as a result of the liberalisation of the nation’s mobile sector, Tribune 242 reports. Phil Bentley, the CEO of BTC’s parent company Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC), explained during a conference call with analysts that the company would face ‘revenue and profitability headwinds’ until its investments in high speed broadband and IPTV began to pay dividends. When pressed to give a more precise figure on the potential impact that the loss of its cellular monopoly would have on BTC, the official said that the provider could expect a 15%-20% drop in EBITDA over the next four years.

Whilst the process of allocating the Bahamas’ second mobile licence is still underway, Mr Bentley downplayed the potential threat posed by Cable Bahamas’ bid, saying that the company had ‘never operated mobile in their lives’ and lacked the scale to invest in a nationwide cellular network.