PCCW (HKT) launching 10Gbps consumer broadband

11 Feb 2015

Hong Kong full-service telco HKT, part of the PCCW group, has announced that it is introducing a pilot 10Gbps fibre broadband service for residential and enterprise customers, with a commercial launch planned for the third quarter of year. Upon commercial launch, all premises within HKT’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) footprint, currently comprising more than 80% of Hong Kong households, will have the opportunity to sign up for the ultra-fast fibre speed, ten times faster than the existing premium retail speed of 1Gbps (symmetrical down/upload). The telco’s existing 500,000-plus FTTH customers will be able to upgrade to 10G services ‘easily’, according to a press release.

The ‘NETVIGATOR 10G PON (passive optical network)’ service will initially be provided to select customers in the pilot phase, which is commencing this week, and will be made broadly available in the wider general launch in Q3. The company states that: ‘10G broadband is ideal for customers with a real need for speed such as for home office, online gaming, OTT movies, etc … It would take only about 20 seconds to download a typical HD feature movie with a file size of 25GB using 10Gbps broadband. The same download might take 400 seconds (6.7 minutes) if using 500Mbps service or more than 33 minutes on a 100Mbps service.’

Alex Arena, group MD of HKT, said: ‘Our data show that a considerable portion of our FTTH customers are using 500Mbps service or above, and we believe there is strong potential for customer upgrades.’

Hong Kong, HKT (incl. CSL)