Vodafone Australia conducting further VoLTE tests ahead of commercial launch

9 Feb 2015

Vodafone Australia has confirmed that, following a successful trial of voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), it is now carrying out extensive laboratory and field testing of the technology before making 4G calling available to customers later this year. Commenting on the plans, Vodafone Australia’s chief technology officer Benoit Hanssen noted: ‘This is a milestone in Vodafone’s network evolution … Vodafone will be one of the first to launch VoLTE in Australia … This is the next stage of our network evolution made possible through the introduction of our new core network. We will continue to innovate and offer our customers a world-class mobile experience.’

More than two million devices are now connected to Vodafone Australia’s 4G network, it noted in a press release outlining its VoLTE plans, while also highlighting that its LTE-based infrastructure is now available to 95% of Australia’s metropolitan population.

Australia, Vodafone Australia (TPG Telecom Limited)