UQ unveils new WiMAX 2+ pricing plan with unlimited data from JPY4,380

6 Feb 2015

WiMAX broadband provider UQ Communications of Japan is set to launch ‘UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai’, a new pricing plan for the WiMAX 2+ service that offers unlimited data for just JPY4,380 a month (USD37.33), excluding tax, on Friday 20 February. In a press statement, UQ said that with pay-as-you-go mobile data plans and inexpensive SIM cards becoming more prevalent in the local market, consumers are becoming more concerned about data plan restrictions that may incur high charges by going over the data cap limit – or plans that offer ‘unlimited’ data but have slow download speeds. However, UQ says that as part of its so-called ‘Giga-Yaba Revolution’, it will guarantee that its customers both ‘Ya-Baisoku’ (double speed) and ‘Giga-Hodai’ (unlimited data).

Ya-Baisoku is the brand name of the WiMAX operator’s ultra-high speed data service which, via WiMAX 2+ now uses carrier aggregation (CA) and 4×4 MIMO technology to double maximum download speeds from 110Mbps to 220Mbps. By the end of March 2015, UQ hopes to have rolled out the advanced service across its entire WiMAX footprint. UQ says it is now working on a 440Mbps service as it works to keep doubling download speeds.

Japan, UQ Communications