DOCOMO delivers 240Mbps throughput using Advanced C-RAN

5 Feb 2015

Japan’s NTT DOCOMO has reported achieving a peak 240Mbps downlink performance using 35MHz of bandwidth in a live field trial of Advanced C-RAN technology. In a release, the cellco notes that Advanced C-RAN uses carrier aggregation (CA) technology to enable users ‘to receive data simultaneously over small cells for localised coverage deployed in congested areas, and macro cells that provide wider area coverage’. DOCOMO intends to deploy the new platform to bolster radio network capacity and transmission speeds in high population traffic areas such as train stations and shopping malls, etc. The success of the field trial should result in its commercial launch on DOCOMO’s LTE-A network in March 2015. Seizo Onoe, DOCOMO’s executive vice president and chief technology officer, commented: ‘Advanced C-RAN represents an important contribution to the evolution of LTE and will be a key technology for the realization of 5G in the future.’