Consultations launched on spectrum agenda, national telephony services

5 Feb 2015

Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) has launched a public consultation to determine its wireless frequency auction agenda in 2015 and beyond, aiming to establish the segments of spectrum available and decide which of these will be sold at public auction or granted directly by the government for national projects, Telesemana reports. Under scrutiny is the draft Administrative Order for the National Table of Frequency Allocations. In December 2014 Venezuela awarded 4G LTE licences worth a total of USD729 million to state-owned Movilnet, Spanish-backed Movistar and DirecTV (which in the process of being acquired by US giant AT&T).

Also on its website this week, Conatel has launched a public consultation on the operation of telephony services nationwide, as part of a scheduled series of consultations which seek to define strategies for telephone service quality, telecoms security, customer prices and internet access. The initial telephony consultation goal is to identify problems facing users nationally and design solutions to address them. The results will be published on the regulator’s website and disseminated to all stakeholders in the sector.

Venezuela, National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel)