AzTelekom launches first phase of broadband expansion project

5 Feb 2015

Azerbaijan’s fixed line incumbent AzTelekom has launched the first phase of its ‘Expansion of National Broadband Network’ project, in association with venture capital firm Infipro. As a result of its cooperation with Infipro, AzTelekom notes that it has attracted foreign investment to support its rollout. The project’s objectives are: to prioritise public access to ICT resources; to improve the quality of services currently in place; and to expand the country’s broadband infrastructure. Further, AzTelekom hopes to see the number of fixed line broadband subscribers in Azerbaijan double by the end of the project’s first phase.

The ‘Expansion of National Broadband Network’ project can be considered a significant contribution to the ‘Azerbaijan 2020: The Vision of the Future’ concept unveiled by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, Ilham Aliyev, on 29 December 2012. The main strategic line of the Azerbaijan 2020 economic policy introduced by the state includes developing non-oil sectors, diversifying the economy and establishing larger opportunities for development of new industries.

Azerbaijan, AzTelekom