Spark and Vocus form NZ fibre joint venture

4 Feb 2015

Spark (formerly Telecom New Zealand) has formed a joint venture with Australia’s Vocus Communications to carry out the installation of fibre optic infrastructure to support high speed data services. The ‘Connect 8’ venture will deploy fibre networks in New Zealand for Spark’s business services unit Spark Digital, Vocus and other telecoms providers. Chief Executive of Spark Digital, Tim Miles, commented: ‘The joint venture will allow Spark Digital to add Vocus Communications leadership and construction capability to our network delivery options. It also gives us more flexibility, supplier-capacity, and control over delivery time frames, therefore enabling more businesses to get on with unleashing their digital potential.’ In November 2014 Vocus completed the acquisition of FX Networks, an inter-city network operator with over 4,100km of fibre cable in New Zealand.

New Zealand, Spark