Vodafone Spain and Alca-Lu conduct 400G trial over existing optical network infrastructure

30 Jan 2015

Alcatel-Lucent and Vodafone Spain have successfully carried out a trial of transporting data at speeds of up to 400Gbps over a distance of 400km between Madrid and Zaragoza using existing optical infrastructure. According to a press release issued by the French-US vendor, the trial was conducted with Alca-Lu’s 400G technology and demonstrates the ability of an existing optical network to carry data at up to 17.6Tbps, a figure it claimed represented a doubling of the current spectral efficiency in fibre.

In terms of details of the tests, it was noted that the successful 400G transmission trial had been conducted on Vodafone Spain’s Dispersion Compensation Module network between Madrid and Zaragoza. With the trial covering a distance of 400km using the existing optical network that was originally carrying a mix of 10Gbps, 40Gbp and 100Gbps traffic streams.

Commenting on the development, Mauro Costa, Vodafone’s director Core and Transport CoE, said: ‘This trial demonstrates that it is possible to transmit data at 400Gbps over a considerable distance simultaneously with other transmission speeds using our existing infrastructure.’ Meanwhile, Nikos Plevris, head of Transmission & Transport– Vodafone European Network Engineering, added: ‘With this trial we have demonstrated that it is possible to cost-effectively increase network capacity and enhance the quality of broadband without disrupting traffic or extensively reengineering infrastructure.’

Spain, Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone Spain