Joint scheme: wireless rollout to help marijuana farmers

28 Jan 2015

The chief executive of the Jamaican telco LIME has said that wireless broadband technology could be employed to help legal marijuana farmers on the island monitor, protect and market their crops. Garfield Sinclair says that LIME’s recent acquisition of DEKAL Wireless, whose networks utilise unlicensed 2.4GHz spectrum and ‘Super WiFi’ equipment from Altai Technologies, will be a boost for local ganja farmers. DEKAL currently has around 15,000 internet subscribers, LIME Jamaica says, though the new parent is looking to use DEKAL’s wireless networks to reach up to 200,000 Jamaicans, predominantly in rural areas. A report from the Jamaica Observer quotes Sinclair as saying: ‘As we hopefully move closer to regulating the cultivation and sale of marijuana … farmers can rest assured that this high speed wireless internet will be able to facilitate the remote monitoring for the security of their precious crops.’ The government of Jamaica is currently working on legislation to decriminalise the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Jamaica, DEKAL Wireless, LIME Jamaica