Cablevision to launch Freewheel Wi-Fi phone service

27 Jan 2015

US cableco Cablevision Systems has announced the upcoming launch of ‘Freewheel’, a new low-cost all-Wi-Fi phone service which offers its users unlimited data, voice calls and texts. Cablevision claims that Freewheel represents the first all-Wi-Fi service to be introduced by a cable provider. It will be offered with the Motorola Moto G smartphone and works exclusively over Wi-Fi. The service will work anywhere in the world where Wi-Fi is accessible, but will only operate when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi signal. The device will be offered for purchase at a heavily discounted price of USD99.95, while the service will be priced at USD29.95 per month or USD9.95 per month for Cablevision’s Optimum Online customers.

Freewheel customers will have automatic access to the Optimum Wi-Fi network of 1.1 million hotspots in the New York metropolitan area; the company commenced its extensive Wi-Fi rollout back in 2007.

United States, Cablevision Systems (Optimum)