US cableco Comcast bankrolls IXPs in Paraguay, Bolivia

23 Jan 2015

International, non-profit organisation The Internet Society has announced that it received funding from US cable giant Comcast to extend its Internet Exchange Point (IXP) initiatives in Latin America. The funding will augment the Internet Society’s ongoing efforts to develop a more robust internet infrastructure in several countries in Latin America. As such, the Comcast funding will be used to launch an IXP in Paraguay and support the recently launched IXP in Bolivia, as well as providing technical training to improve existing IXP operations in the region.

Local IXP’s are viewed as crucial in developing countries, as otherwise local internet traffic is exchanged beyond their borders, which adds significant service costs and increases latency because of a lack of connectivity between domestic networks. IXPs enable local internet service providers (ISPs) and network operators to exchange traffic locally and more cost effectively, which can help lower end-user costs and speed-up transmissions.

Bolivia, Paraguay, Comcast Corp (Xfinity, incl. Xfinity Mobile)